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UNIX Shell Scripting Course with Placement in Porur, Chennai

Courses / UNIX Shell Scripting Training

UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Porur, Chennai

A shell script is a program which is exclusively designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command line interpreter(CLI). The various dialects of shell scripts are generally conisidered to be scripting languages. The UNIX Shell Scripting training at Porur, Chennai that is provided by ACTE is proven to be effective. This course is taught at ACTE by experts from various MNC’s with over10 years of experience. This is one of the sought after course in current technological needs.

A shell script is nothing other than a script written for command line interpreter of an operating system. The shell script is generally compared to as simple domain-specific programming language. Shell script performs numerous operations such as program execution, file manipulation, and printing text. ACTE will teach you the SHELL Scripting applications with real time scenarios. Experienced and corporate trainers at ACTE will share their knowledge during the classes. Our expert trainers at ACTE have more than 8+ years of experience . Our Unix SHELL Scripting Training in Porur, Chennai helps you to keep in the trendy technology and learning with us will make us proud.

Unix Shell Scripting Training in Porur, Chennai

Our training for UNIX Shell Scripting at Porur, Chennai is conducted in various batches with flexible schedule to suite the need of the candidate. We have training in weekday, weekend and also on the evening. The candidates are at liberty to choose the timing that they are most comfortable with

Become job-ready by enrolling for the Unix Shell Scripting Course with placement in Porur, Chennai mastering the advanced level techniques and features of Unix Shell Scripting through real time project examples. Our training provides all the necessary knowledge of UNIX architecture, shell scripting, UNIX commands, Shell Script automation, etc.

Our training are very well designed by experts. The training at ACTE is at most practical ensuring proper understanding of the course from the basics to the most advanced features. The UNIX Shell Scripting training at Porur, Chennai is designed specifically to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the current day technical organizations. We also provide free demo for the candidates to get a clarity. Contact us today for one.

Benefits of UNIX Shell Scripting training at Porur:

  • Affordable fees & flexible timings.
  • We provide practical training.
  • Course materials are prepared by experts.
  • Aid with video tutorials.
  • Convenient lab facility.

Unix Shell Training Course syllabus

  • Unix & SHELL Training Syllabus in Porur, Chennai
  • Introduction to Shell
  • Basics of Shell
  • Set and Unset a variable
  • Displaying – using echo
  • Using Expr
  • Using Test
  • Getting input – using read
  • Header file of shell script – using Shabang (#!)
  • Sample Shell script program
  • Command Substitution
  • Command Line Arguments
  • SED
  • Replacing values in a file
  • STTY
  • TOP
  • Sending an email – using MAIL
  • HERE
  • Editors
  • NANO
  • PICO
  • Vi Editor
  • AWK
  • Basics of AWK
  • Displaying values – using awk
  • Using awk in Shell script
  • Scheduler
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘Crontab’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘at’
  • Scheduling a job – using ‘nohup’
  • Advanced Shell Scripting
  • Monitoring a file
  • Extracting data from HTMl/XML file
  • Trapping Signals
  • Database Connectivity
  • Connecting MYSQL to Shell
  • Running SQL queries from Shell Script
  • Generating a report and storing in a file Shopping cart

Course Highlights

  • Free demo classes.
  • Limited Batch Size.
  • Excellent lab facility.
  • Innovative ideas are taught by the professionals.
  • 100% placement Assurance.
  • Expert trainers will teach the students.
  • Certificates are provided to the students.

About Trainer

  • 6+ experienced in Unix Admin
  • Certified trainer
  • Working in top MNC company
  • Friendly and interactive
  • Trained more than 3000 students
  • Ready to help students - 24/7
  • Strong knowledge and perfect delivery
  • On the spot doubt clarifying person

Sathish Kumar
(3i Infotech)
6+ experience


  • Unix Shell Scripting Certification
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